Want to Make Sure Your New Asphalt Driveway Is Protected?

Want to Make Sure Your New Asphalt Driveway Is Protected?  

What Is Asphalt Sealcoating?

Asphalt sealant is a mixture which is elastic polymer used to seal coat asphalt. This is used to protect asphalt against oxidation, it can also fill voids, stops ice and water damage, and create a better appearance.

Sometimes referred to as driveway sealant, it is commonly used for asphalt driveway repairs. Although made from viscous asphalt, it does also contain coal tar. The latter is sometimes preferred over asphalt sealants, however, asphalt products are said to be much more eco-friendly. They are also said to be less of a health risk when being used.

Before sealcoating is done, the surfaces must be cleaned off, the likes of grease, sand dirt and oil will prevent adhesion if not removed beforehand. Spots of grease also have to be removed too. Should grease or oil be heavy, the asphalt must be removed first and replaced and not sealed.

Smaller cracks can be sealed with a sealant, but, larger cracks have to be first repaired before the sealcoating is applied. Rough surfaces can usually be treated by applying a silica sand to some kinds of asphalt sealants.

To start seal coating asphalt, the instructions found on the sealant must be adhered to first. This sealant is normally poured straight onto the surface in horizontal lines. Application is normally done twice to ensure a clean and smooth result. The first coating has to be allowed to properly cure before the second coat is applied.

Should any ridges occur when the application process is performed, they must be smoothed out immediately. Though drying time will range between three to four hours, the whole area should not be touched for at least a day. Applications should never be done during cold or rainy weather conditions.

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