Want Something More Than Grey Concrete?

Want Something More Than Grey Concrete?  

What Are the Different Kinds of Concrete Staining?

Concrete staining

is available for various applications. Formed and poured concrete floors can be stained, in addition to patios, driveways etc. Concrete slabs, sinks, countertops and even tiles can be stained to offer a more attractive and durable finish. Bridges and retaining walls are prime examples of larger scale staining projects.

Stained concrete flooring can be installed in sunrooms, basements and recreation rooms to name but a few examples. Concrete floors are capable of standing up to extremely heavy traffic, and designs and patterns can be applied using stain and stencils. Polished floors are very hard and smooth, and the choice of colors and patterns is almost limitless.

Polished concrete floors can also be used in commercial settings. However, polished floors are better for these particular applications, drive and sidewalks will need a more textured


however. A brushed finish can be used on these projects and stained to provide a more durable finish. Concrete can also be stamped with mimic brick, cobblestone, and flagstone. And staining them will give them more depth.

Stained concrete tiles can also be used on floors, patios, and walkways. These can be used for various different home improvement projects. Concrete slabs are normally used for exterior projects like patio and driveways. Textured and stained slabs can be made to resemble wood, brick, and stone. These are extremely good DIY projects for homeowners looking to change their gardens.

Custom made concrete countertops will be polished and stained, in order to provide a unique kitchen look. Concrete accent sinks can be installed to complement the latter, and stained concrete is slowly replacing most of the products generally used in kitchens.

Commercial uses for stained concrete can be very cost effective and attractive. Bridges and piers can be made to resemble stonework. Once the stain has been applied, the end result is almost identical to stonework. The commercial possibilities for this



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