How a Driveway Should Be Laid

How a Driveway Should Be Laid  

A Driveway Construction Professional Explains

Asphalt driveways are beautiful and inexpensive home additions. When built by a proficient asphalt contractor, your driveway will last for a very long time. You will have a surface that will rid of snow and rain swiftly, as well as prevent skidding. But how should such a project be performed?

  • Plan, plan, plan. Your driveway construction project should begin with good pre-planning and “big picture” thinking. You have to decide where exactly you want to build your asphalt pavement, as well as where to put the borders. Mark the driveway area and measure it. Knowing its length and width will help you determine how much material will be needed. Experts recommend laying at least three separate layers of gravel.

  • Know how much material you will need. In order to do accurate calculations, you have to multiply your surface’s length, width, and depth (in feet), and divide it by 27. This way, you will get the cubic yards of gravel. Your next step would be to order that material and schedule a convenient time for a delivery. You can ask the company you are working with to provide you with rocks of different size, color, and shape. Additionally, you will have to decide how much timber and what tools you will need for the task.

  • Prepare the area. You have to dig the grass and topsoil of the marked area. You will need to hire a contractor with a backhoe and power compactor to compact the soil afterward. You should also compact the dirt and level the ground using a bulldozer. An essential part of the preparation phase is laying down a weed barrier. This is a kind of a woven landscaping cloth that allows water to penetrate but does not allow weeds to grow through.

  • Laying the gravel. A good contractor will spread the rocks evenly creating a leveled and smooth surface. A mechanical compactor will be utilized to tamp them down. This process will repeat in each layer of gravel.

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