Always Thought There Was Only One Type of Asphalt?

Always Thought There Was Only One Type of Asphalt?

What Are the Different Kinds of Asphalt an Asphalt Contractor Works With?


Asphalt is the most widely used material today, it is a natural material found in crude oil and natural deposits, generally found around certain bodies of water and oil sands. This substance is available in either liquid or semi-solid form and is characterized by its extreme viscosity and sticky, black appearance. It is made up mostly of bitumen, which is a substance composed of PAHs, or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. However, like any professional asphalt contractor will tell you, it does come in different forms.


The most commonly used in construction are mastic and rolled. Rolled asphalt is the one many of us are more familiar with, and it makes up around 80% of what is used within the United States alone. It is made from aggregate, or solid materials like gravel, sand, or recycled concrete, in addition to an asphalt binder. This kind is used on roads and other such surfaces, by getting applied in multiple layers after which it is compacted. The different kinds are distinguished by the process used to bond the aggregate with the asphalt.


Hot mix asphalt concrete, also known as HMAC is made at 320°F. These extreme temperatures will reduce viscosity and moisture in the manufacturing process, which will result in a highly durable material. HMAC is mostly used in high-traffic areas, like airports and highways.


Warm mix asphalt concrete, or WAM or WMA for short, reduces the temperature needed for manufacture by adding in the likes of waxes, emulsions, or zeolites. This process is beneficial to the environment and workers, as it uses less fossil fuel consumption and the emission of fumes.


With cold mix asphalt concrete, the asphalt will be emerged in soapy water before it is mixed with aggregate, which removes the need for high temperatures. And the end result is not as durable as HMAC or WAM, which means it is only used in areas that receive low traffic.

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